Mixspin is an app I designed and built with React. It offers the user a randomly selected music mix based on their choice of genre. It utlises API and voice prompt technology.

I created Mixspin as my graduating project for my HDip in Computer Science from National College of Ireland (2022). In future I hope to develop the app further release it for mobile and smart TVs.

Voice Activated Technology

Mixspin works by voice prompt technology. You ask it to play a genre (I have asked it to “play Pop” in the video here). Voice prompt technology is a growing part of User Experience design as we adopt more voice activated devices such as Alexa or Smart TVs.

UI Motion Design

I designed this UI to be attractive if left on screen in the background on a laptop or TV whilst enjoying music. The word spinner can help inspire you to pick a genre of music, and the animated CSS blob is relaxing to watch,